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Chenglu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. has committed in wastewater treatment since 1983. Chenglu is one of the earliest manufacturers in sewage treatment equipment in China. With the development over 20 years, now we specialize in researching, designing and manufacturing of sewage treatment equipment, Oil Water Separator,Oil Filter, etc. Our products, Oil Water Separator, Sewage Disposal System, Walnut Shell Filter, Fiber Ball Filter, Biological Aerated Filter, Air Flotation, Chemical Dosing Equipment, have been widely used in key construction projects.
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Neutralization Tank

NBZ Neutralization Tank

Our NBZ Neutralization Tank is composed of mixing system and tank. It used for dissolution, dilution and storage of medicament.

Applications of NBZ Neutralization Tank:
Dispensing of the Coagulant, flocculant, disinfectant, deoxidant, scale inhibitor, cleaning agent in water treatment or neutralization.
Features: Easy to operate and maintain.

1. Type Indication:

2. Technical Data of NBZ Neutralization Tank:
(1) Power of mixer:7.5 kw
(2) Net weight:4200 kg
(3) Dimension:2800mm×3050mm×5170mm (L×W×H)
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